Current Specials

Stainbusters Supports the Community

In an effort to help our community stay safe and healthy during this difficult time, Stainbusters has drastically reduced the pricing so that we can assist in lowering the number of germs in our community. We are running specials with pricing as low as possible to help you disinfect your homes and keep your loved ones safe. The coronavirus can live on surfaces for several days, so it is extremely important to sanitize the surfaces that get the most traffic (sofas, carpets, etc). 


Current Specials: 

3-room special for $120 (up to 500 sq ft)

Bundle Special $25 off 2 or more same day full services 

Sofa** and Loveseat** special for $250 

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Don't underestimate how much dirt and bacteria live on your carpets, sofas, and tile. The video to the left came from ONE area of ONE home. This is why sanitizing with the right equipment is so important. Let us help you minimize your exposure by sanitizing the high traffic areas in your home. Let's minimize the germs, by disinfecting and cleaning the areas where your family spends the most time.

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